Chuck Lawless on Is Your Church a Globally-Minded Church?

In my model of a healthy church, I argue that a healthy church is committed to going to the nations. The Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) demands such a commitment. Today, use these questions to ask if your church has willingly accepted that mandate.

  1. Do the members of your church recognize that global missions is a commitment of the congregation? That is, do the leaders not only cast such a vision, but also help others buy into that vision, too? If the members don’t know this commitment, the commitment is probably not that strong.
  2. Do your budget and your church’s giving reflect a commitment to global missions? Giving is sometimes the easiest way to support missions, but it is still a necessary way to help others reach the nations. A church who consumes their budget on themselves is likely only inwardly focused.

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Source: Church Leaders, Chuck Lawless