5 Fishermen Share the Gospel and Thank God for Their Rescue After Boat Sank: They Tell People to ‘Trust Christ’

A group of fishermen whose boat sank early Sunday morning during a fishing trip in the Caribbean say God is responsible for their rescue.

According to Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, the five men on board the Crystal Eye included Captain James Kirwan, 59; Jerome Nicome, 63; Kyle Dyer, 31; Azim Baksh, 35; and Keston Frederick, 36.

A distress signal was sent out; however, the signal was not strong or clear enough to help rescuers find them. The 55-foot Trinidadian fishing vessel went under near the coast of South West Tobago in the dead of night, shortly after midnight.

Despite the icy temperature of the water, the men strapped on life jackets and jumped into the sea. They drifted for two hours before a Bahamian vessel, The Siem Spearfish, stumbled upon the frightened fishermen and pulled them in.

The men are thanking God for answering their prayers and keeping them alive.

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Source: CBN