Second Missouri Police Officer Dies After ‘Tragic’ Shooting While Chasing Suspect Who Stole Police Car

Joplin police officer Jake Reed was fatally wounded after being shot in Missouri. Joplin Police Department

A second Missouri cop — remembered as “care-free” and “loving” — died after suffering injuries in a shooting earlier in the week, local police announced Saturday.

The Joplin, Mo. officer, Jake Reed, died Friday after a shooting Tuesday in the southwest Missouri city left him hospitalized.

“Yesterday evening Officer Jake Reed continued his service to others as his vital organs were escorted to the airport and flown across the country to give life to others,” the police department wrote in a Facebook post.

“The department escorted Jake’s body to the funeral home past many citizens who exited their vehicles in the roadway and held hands over hearts or saluted us as we passed,” it went on. “May God and our community be with Officer Reed’s family and the recipients of his gifts of life last night.”

Reed, 27, joined the police department in 2017. The department transported Reed’s body to a funeral home Friday evening, when many Joplin residents saluted the procession as it passed by them, according to Joplin police.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Sam Raskin