China Wanted to Appear Neutral Between Russia and Ukraine. It Isn’t.

When Russia invaded Ukraine last month, a spate of wishful thinking ran through the West that China, a great power with friends on both sides, might step in to mediate a cease-fire.

China’s government struck a pose of neutrality, called for a peaceful resolution and said it supported the principle of “territorial integrity.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a public plea to China’s Xi Jinping to intervene.

But Xi has been missing in action — and in practice, his policies have been far less neutral than advertised.

China hasn’t condemned the invasion and initially didn’t even call it a war. It still hasn’t acknowledged which country’s tanks crossed the other’s borders.

Xi has talked by telephone with Russian President Vladmir Putin, but he hasn’t talked with Zelensky.

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Source: MSN