Relationship Counsellor Lianne Young Says That Shane Warne Thought He Had 30 Years to Live and Was the ‘Happiest He Had Been’ Before He Died of a Suspected Heart Attack Aged 52 – This Is Precisely What Daniel Whyte III Picked Up on When He Wrote This Article About It: Daniel Whyte III Says the Final Days and Hours of the Great Australian Cricketer Shane Warne Remind Me So Much of What Jesus Said About the Rich Man Who Had Accomplished So Much in Life and Was Determined to Take His Ease, but God Said, “This Night Thy Soul Shall Be Required of Thee.” Hopefully, This Will Be a Reminder to Everyone in the World That No Matter How Great You Have Been, How Many Great Things You Have Done, or How Healthy You Are, Your Soul Can Be Required of You at Any Time, So Get Your House in Order and Prepare to Meet Your God — Expert Warns That Legendary Australian Cricketer Shane Warne’s Extreme 14-day ‘Liquid Diet’ Increases Risk of Heart Attacks as Friend Says He Was ‘buzzing With Excitement’ and Had Last Meal of Vegemite on Toast Before Suspected Coronary

Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Says Russian Patriarch Kirill Is Probably Going to Say “Nyet!” to US Christian Leaders’ Open Letter Containing “EARNEST PLEA” for Putin to End War. You US Christian Leaders Do Not Have the Moral Authority to Tell Us Anything, So Not Until US Church Leaders Confess and Repent of Their Sins of Colluding With the US Government and With the Governments of the West to Sanction and Endorse the Abomination and Sin of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda Which is Against God and Nature in All Countries of the World, Along With Other Sins That Led Up to the Acceptance of Homosexuality in Your Churches and Your Countries. Like God Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, God Is Slowly Destroying America and the West Because of the Acceptance of Homosexuality, Which is Causing America and the West to Self-Destruct and Which Has Forced Our Churches and Politicians to Have to Play Nice With and Shake Hands With Homosexuals That You Have Put in Your Administrations and Embassies and Then When We Speak Against It and Let You Know That We Don’t Want to Participate in That You Call Us Homophobic and Try to Convince Us to Accept It in Our Churches and Our Country. So “Nyet!” The Open Letter is Below. If You Do Not Know, the Word “Nyet” in Russian Means NO!