Daniel Whyte III Who Predicted That This Would Happen Says the High Tech Lynching of Voddie Baucham Has Begun

Daniel Whyte III Said in an Article on March 4th, Three Days Before Rick Pidcock’s Withering Article Regarding Voddie Baucham, “Brother Baucham, This May Be a ‘For Such a Time as This’ Moment for You. I Would Just Say to Make Sure the Lord Is in It and Make Sure the Lord Is Leading You to Do It, Because Around This Time of the Year, and I Know There Are Some Who Don’t Like for Me to Say It, but a Lynching Spirit Falls on Some in the Southern Baptist Convention, and They Lynch White People. If They Lynch White People You Know They May Lynch You. If They Can Lynch Paige Patterson, Russell Moore, Dwight McKissic, Richard Land, and Even Albert Mohler, Then There Is a Serious Problem Somewhere. Remember, a Whole Bunch of Southern Baptists Asked Dr. Tony Evans Would He Accept the Nomination for the Southern Baptist Convention and He Said, ‘I Thought the Lynching Days Were Over. You’re Not Going to Lynch Me.’ So a Word to the Wise, Brother, The Southern Baptist Convention Needs You Badly, but I Just Don’t Know if They Can Take You Because You Are Not Only a Pastor But You Have Been a Prophet to Them As Well. They Don’t Lynch Prophets but I Do Know They Kill Prophets and Unless You Drink a Little Wine for Your Heart’s Sake I Don’t Know if You Are Going to Make It Dealing With These People. On a More Serious Note, I Love God, I Love Jesus Christ, and I Love the Southern Baptist Convention. The Southern Baptists Have Been Very Good to Me Throughout My Ministry Even Though I Am Not a Southern Baptist. Along With the Independent Baptists, Bible Church Folks, the National Baptists, and Others They Have Been a Blessing to Me and My Family and I Thank God for Them. If You Think You Can Turn the Southern Baptist Convention Around and God Is Leading You to Do That, Then Go for It.”

The High Tech Lynching of Voddie Baucham Has Begun. Now There Are Some Southern Baptists Who Were Masters of Canceling People Before Cancelling People Became a Thing, and There Are Five Things They Do to Destroy a Preacher: First, They Start a Massive Whispering Campaign Which They Pass Through Their Well-oiled and Well-organized Association Offices Across the Nation, and With the Whisper Campaign They Never Tell the Person What They Are Whispering About, and There Are Five Killers That They Will Whisper About. The First One Is That He Is an Adulterer, Which Is an Easy One, and There Have Been Some Cases Where, When They Really Want to Get Someone Out of a Church or Whatever, Where Certain Ones Will Send a Temptress, but This Is Rare. The Second Way They Will Get Him Is About Financial Mismanagement of Church Funds or Stealing From Church Offerings. I Know of a Case Where the Association Office Gave Some Folks in a Church a Large Sum of Money and Placed It in the Pulpit to See if the Pastor Was Going to Steal It, and the Pastor Wisely Distributed the Money to the Congregation. The Third Thing Is They Will Accuse Him of Plagiarism, Which Is Pretty Easy. But if They Really Want to Get Somebody, Fourthly They Will Accuse Him of Having Serious Problems in His Marriage, That He Is Committing Domestic Violence Against His Wife or That He Is Anti-Women. And Number Five Is if They Really Want to Get Him and Destroy Him Quickly, Is Accusing Him or Connecting Him to Incest. Case in Point, All of a Sudden, Which Many of Us Have Never Heard Before, We Are Hearing About This Great Man of God Voddie Baucham Being Close Friends With a Man Who He Left in Charge of His Church in Spring, Texas, Before He Went to Zambia, Who Is Now Serving a 17-year Prison Sentence for Incest With One of His Family Members. As You Will See in the Article Below, He Is Accused of Being a Violent Overbearing Man Regarding Women, and the Article Insinuates That He Has an Incestual Theology Regarding His Daughters. I Call This a High-tech Lynching, and Since He Is Considered to Run for Southern Baptist Convention President, All of a Sudden the High Tech Lynching Starts. If You Know That You Are Innocent Before God, What I Advise Preachers to Do When They Are Under Such Attack and What I Advise Voddie Baucham as Well Is Do Not Respond to This Foolishness. If You Know That You Are Not Guilty of Such Evil, Do Not Respond to Your Critics, and the Reason You Don’t Have to Respond Is That God Will Cause People to Not Believe the Evil Report About You. So Do Not Dignify These Accusations With a Response. Just Go on and Do What God Leads You to Do. Now That Being Said, at This Point, I Would Advise Voddie Baucham Not to Run Because the Other Candidate Willie Rice Has Lovingly Shown the Wisdom of Solomon and the Agape Love of God for Him by Sincerely Standing With Him Against This Onslaught. Because He Has Done So, by the Grace of God, He Will Probably Win and Should Probably Win. Let It Go and Keep on Doing What God Led You to Do as a Prophet and Evangelist to the Nation and the World and a Prophet and Evangelist to the Southern Baptist Convention.

After Baptist News Global broke the news that Voddie Baucham was being asked to accept a nomination to become the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Theobros could hardly contain their excitement.

Owen Strachan tweeted: “What Voddie saw TEN YEARS AGO, many evangelicals still refuse to see. A decade ago, with little support, Voddie stood up and named the approaching monster. He dared to speak. He sacrificed popularity, position, & money to tell the truth. Recognize a warrior when you see one.”

He went on to prophesy: “200 years from now, no one who studies church history will know the names of the woke critics of Voddie Baucham. But they’ll know Voddie’s name. They’ll know it because of the God he faithfully proclaimed in faithless times. Be assured of that.”

Of course, Baucham himself has similarly swooned over Strachan in his review of Strachan’s book Christianity and Wokeness, saying, “Few men possess the mix of intellect, winsomeness, academic rigor, pastoral sensitivity, and raw courage that drips from every page of this book.”

Strachan, former president of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, is a vocal complementarian who, like Baucham, often rails against the feminization of men and the wokeness of the social gospel.

But despite Strachan and Baucham’s love fest for one another, not everyone is fantasizing about Baucham’s potential rise to leadership in the SBC. Even some SBC insiders and traditionalists are concerned about Baucham’s influence. His potential candidacy is supported by the Conservative Baptist Network, a far-right group in the already very conservative world of the SBC.

Whether Baucham is even eligible to run for SBC president is in question, as he lives overseas and is not a member of a U.S.-based SBC church. He also has been accused of plagiarism and misquoting others in his latest book, charges he and his publisher deny.

For a denomination that sees itself as a champion of family values, one would assume they would aspire to nominate and elect a leader who is a warrior for the family.

Everyone recognizes, as Strachan pointed out, that Baucham is a warrior. In fact, we also recognize Baucham naming the approaching monster. Unfortunately, when it comes to the family, Baucham has consistently revealed himself to be a warrior for ignorance and a peddler for the monster of violent male power.

Voddie Baucham peddles ignorant, violent power over children 

Baucham’s ignorant, violent power peddling begins with how his theology of original sin shapes his understanding of infants and his punishment of children.

In one sermon, Baucham explains to the roaring laughter of the crowd: “People who don’t believe in original sin don’t have children. … That’s a viper in a diaper. The angry cry happens early. The demanding cry happens early. The stiffening up of the body, that happens early. … One of the reasons God makes them so small is so that they won’t kill you. And one of the reasons he makes them so cute is so that you won’t kill them.”

R.L. Stollar, a child liberation theologian who advocates for survivors of abuse, details how Baucham’s comment was borne from a theology that combines the Calvinistic doctrine of total depravity with the complementarian doctrine of patriarchy in order to position men as animal control and police officers over their children. Stollar notes that according to Baucham, “Parents … must treat their children as criminals deserving of restraint … must expect and see the worst in their children … should assume (children) are disagreeing because they are naturally covetous and murderous … (and) must also threaten their children with eternal torture in the flames of hell.”

Stollar shows how, “to Baucham, children and serial killers should be placed in the same category of depravity: the category of total depravity. … Infants are so naturally evil that they would kill their parents in their sleep if they were larger.”

Baucham’s proposed solution for this hypothetical murderous infant drive is that “they desperately need to be spanked. And they need to be spanked often. … There were days when Junior needed to be spanked five times before breakfast. … You need to have an all-day session where you just wear them out.”

Baucham has gone so far as to give an example of a shy little pastor’s daughter who was afraid to shake a male deacon’s hand at church. Baucham described: “Pastor goes back in the office, goes through that whole process — spank the child, comes back out, child won’t do it again. Goes back again, asks the deacon, ‘Will you please wait here?’ Thirteen times. Thirteen times. That deacon was like, ‘Little girl, please … .’”

Baucham offers no compassion and no awareness of the complexities of what babies and children experience in their minds and bodies. He is completely ignorant of the trauma his violent beating has on little girls. Instead, he flexes his absolute patriarchal power over children, labels every failure of complete instantaneous submission as murderous depravity, and solves the problem through physical violence with the threat of eternal violence.

Voddie Baucham peddles ignorant, violent power over women

For Baucham, the patriarchy is a term to die for. In a sermon titled “The War Against the Patriarchy,” he said: “There’s also the war against the patriarchy, the war against male headship, which again is an assault on the God of the Bible. The woman is made after the man — male headship. The woman is made for the man — male headship. The woman is brought to the man — male headship. The woman is named by the man twice … male headship.”

In a sermon titled “The Permanence View of Marriage,” Baucham says, “There’s a person who’s in an abusive marriage. That is not biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage.”

In this instance, Baucham reveals himself to be one of the most extreme voices of complementarianism.

Fellow complementarian and Calvinist pastor John Piper has stated: “If it’s not requiring her to sin but simply hurting her, then I think she endures verbal abuse for a season, and she endures perhaps being smacked one night, and then she seeks help from the church. Every time I deal with somebody in this, I find the ultimate solution under God in the church.”

In 2019, Wayne Grudem — one of the founding fathers of contemporary complementarianism — changed his mind about prohibiting divorce in cases of abuse after hearing of a few instances of abuse and doing a word study of 1 Corinthians 7:15.

Of course, neither of these men understand the depths of the problem of marital abuse or go nearly far enough to deal with it. Regarding Grudem’s change of mind, Emily Hunter McGowin said, “The case for divorce in the instance of an abusive spouse did not need to be made by a word study and reinterpretation of 1 Corinthians 7:15 A reading of the whole canon should have led Grudem (and others) to the same conclusion long ago. … For many of us, the idea that Grudem has just now become aware of such stories seems truly incredible.”

But Baucham hasn’t even evolved to where Piper and Grudem are. He shares no awareness of the complexities of abuse and fails to take into account the broader biblical narrative about protecting the vulnerable and liberating the oppressed. Instead, he simply asserts male power over women, even in the case of abuse, by using the Bible to punish women with life sentences to abusive men.

Voddie Baucham peddles ignorant, violent power over daughters

In a sermon where Baucham pretends to have a conversation with a young man looking for a submissive woman to marry, he imagines telling the young man, “Watch her with her father.” When the imaginary suitor says that Baucham doesn’t know the father’s relationship with her, Baucham responds, “I don’t care.” When the imaginary suitor says there may be mitigating circumstances, Baucham responds, “I don’t care because a daughter’s submission to her father is not based on her father’s worthiness. It’s based on God’s command. … If she doesn’t submit to her father because her father is flawed, then she will not submit to you because you too, sir, are flawed. And if you marry an unsubmissive woman, you’re in a world of hurt.”

In one very creepy moment that has been making the rounds on social media lately, Baucham takes his convergence of submissive daughters and wives to include men leaving their wives for younger women, saying: “A lot of men are leaving their wives for younger women because they yearn for attention from younger women. And God gave them a daughter who can give them that. And instead, they go find a substitute daughter. … We’ve all seen it. These old guys going and finding these substitute daughters.”

Baucham has a pattern of being transparent about his power over his daughter. In one sermon, he said, “Everybody wants to know, ‘Well, where’s she going to college?’ She’s not.” Then he made dry heaving sounds to the roaring laughter of the audience.

Baucham and his daughter, Jasmine, are featured in a documentary about “stay at home daughters,” a term given to daughters who stay at home to submit to and serve their fathers until the day they get married to submit to and serve their husbands.

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Source: Baptist News Global, Rick Pidcock