Ukrainians Calling for Prayer During Timed Bombings

Photo courtesy of Unto

We talked yesterday about how the Jesus Film is being shared with Ukrainian refugees and providing spiritual hope. Today, we are sharing a report from UntoJesus Film Project’s sister ministry and the humanitarian outreach of Cru.

Al Goff, Unto’s President and CEO, says they have over 100 staff in Ukraine and several other large staff teams in neighboring countries. The ministry is equipping their staff to meet refugees’ physical needs in the Name of Jesus.

The number of refugees fleeing Ukraine recently topped 2 million, and around half of them are children.

Goff says, “It’s quite overwhelming because many of those [children] are coming with only their grandparent or one parent with multiple kids. So this thing is huge and the countries adjacent to it like Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Poland, the Baltics, and Hungary are just being overwhelmed.

“Our teams are ministering in real ways providing food, shelter, tents when we can, providing clothing and other supplies. And one of the great things about Cru is almost all of these people are locals…. They have opened up everything they can do to help the refugees coming in. And I would tell you the wider Body of Christ is doing the same.

“They are helping the alien, they are helping the person that’s hurting, they’re helping the aged, [and] they’re helping the widow, which is the call of the Church.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray for bombs in Ukraine to be sent harmlessly to the ground.
  • Ask the Lord to comfort and protect Ukrainians.
  • Pray for the Church to be mobilized to meet refugees needs.