Dr. John MacArthur Publicly Excommunicated and Shamed Mother for Not Taking Back Her Convicted Child Abuser and Child Molester Husband — Daniel Whyte III Has Already Told the Gifted Journalist Julie Roys the Following: “Julie Roys of the Roys Report, Who Has Exposed and Brought Down Many Mighty Men, Takes on the Prophet and Pastor Dr. John MacArthur and His Ministries With an Interview With Dennis Swanson, a Former Vice President of the Master’s University and Seminary. Even Though Some Giants Have Fallen From Her Reporting We Do Not Believe That Will Be the Case With Dr. John MacArthur Even Though He Is a Flawed Human Being Like the Rest of Us” and He Says He Stands by That. Even as Withering and Devastating as This Story Is, This Is Not Going to Stick Against Him Either and if This Doesn’t Stick Julie Roys Really Does Not Have Anything Else to Throw at Him So She Should Go Ahead and Stop While She is Ahead. If They Were in a Boxing Ring, We Would Say She Has Not Laid a Hand on Him. There Are Some Men Who God Makes Untouchable and Covers in Teflon. So He Is Teflon John. It Is Not Going to Work. Now Is He a Good Man? He Would Tell You He Is Not. Only God Is Good. Is He a Perfect Man? Of Course Not. Even I Have Publicly Rebuked Him for Some Unfortunate Things He Has Said. So I Would Lovingly and Respectfully Encourage You to Leave This Man of God Alone Because He Won’t Be Touched by It Unlike Some Other People That You Have Told the Truth About and They Fell. I Do Have a Lead for You. I Have Asked the Pastors Who Have Gone to Ravi Zacharias’ Little Whorehouse to Sit Themselves Down for a While Before They Are Exposed. Some Have Done That and Some Have Not. If You Apply Your Investigative Skills There You Will Get a Whole Lot of Evil Fish. We Don’t Have Your Abilities and Talents Nor Do We Have the Time to Deal With That So There You Go. We Love You, Appreciate You, and Thank God for You. As You Know We Have Used Many of Your Articles Down Through the Years on Black Christian News and We Hope Thousands of Our Readers Have Visited Your Website From Our Website.