UPDATE: JUSSIE SMOLLETT SENTENCED TO 150 DAYS IN COOK COUNTY JAIL BEGINNING IMMEDIATELY AND SAID “I RESPECT YOU, YOUR HONOR. I RESPECT YOUR DECISION. JAIL TIME? I AM NOT SUICIDAL. IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO ME IN THERE I DID NOT DO IT TO MYSELF.” SMOLLETT IS ALSO SENTENCED TO THREE YEARS OF PROBATION AND ORDERED TO PAY $130,160 IN RESTITUTION TO THE CITY – Daniel Whyte III Says the Openly Homosexual Jussie Smollett Should Go to Jail to the Fullest Extent of the Law and So Should the Obama Henchmen Who Were Behind It and Tried to Cover It Up. This Is Not Cute or Anything to Laugh at. This Is a National Disgrace. Black People, White People, and Even the Homosexual Community Have Been Hurt by This Demonic Almost Civil War Causing Stunt

Dr. John MacArthur Rightly Warns and Rebukes Church Leaders for Compromising with ‘the Devil’s Work’ — Daniel Whyte III Says So Many Pastors Have Already Compromised with the Devil’s Work by Sanctioning Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, the Homosexual Agenda, and by Allowing Homosexuals to Become Members of the Church (Mind You, All People Can Come to Church but All People Cannot Become Members of the Church and Some Members Need to be Put Out of the Church for Such Sins as Adultery, Fornication, and Divorce and Remarriage Without Grounds, Including Some Pastors and Pastors’ Wives)

The Washington Post Says Russia’s War on Ukraine Has Some Christians Wondering if This Is the End of the World – Daniel Whyte III Says, of Course, Everything Plays Into the End of the World Including Russia’s War on Ukraine and the Rapture of the Church Has Been Imminent Since Jesus Left and as in the Past There Is a Lot of Speculation About if This Particular Situation Means That the Rapture Is Imminent or if This Is the End of the World. While There Is a Lot of Talk About That, the Question Should Be Is the Church Rapture Ready? And the Answer Is No. So Tell the Men Who Are Constantly Bringing This Up That This Is Just as Much About God and Jesus Christ Rebuking and Chastising the Church and the So-called Leaders of the Church for Being Judases Against Him for Allowing and Causing the Church in General to Endorse and Sanction Homosexuality Behind Closed Government Doors and With Bribes Done in a Way via Donations So People Would Not Think It Was a Bribe Unleashing the Demons of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda That God Commanded the World to Not Do Among the Other Sins in the Church Including Adultery, Fornication, Swinging, Emphasis on Money, Preachers Robbing the People of Their Money, and Let’s Include God Giving the Church and America a Chance to Repent of This Demonic Foolishness by Working the Miracle of Allowing Trump Into Office to Do One Thing: to Roll Back What Obama and Biden Had Done, and That Is Cause Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda to Be Put Into Law and That Is the Line America Crossed. Trump Could Have Stopped It if His Male Advisors, Who Were Led by Jezebel, Had Told Him You Do This Now or We Quit and None of Them Had the Testicular Fortitude to Do So. They Were Just Used by Trump to Get What He Wanted and They Got Nothing, and That Is Why We Are in the Mess We Are in Today With the Plague and This War as God Is Escalating Rebuke and Chastisement on the Church, Which Includes the Protestant, Evangelical, Charismatic, Mainline, and Catholic Churches Because God Is Not Pleased and Jesus Christ Is Not Pleased. You Can Talk About the Rapture and the End of the World All You Want to, but Most of the Church Is Not Rapture Ready. And Remember People, Only the True Church, “the 7000,” “the Remnant,” and “the Faithful Few” Will Be Raptured Out of Here. I Believe This Is More About What Jesus Said in Revelation 3:19, “As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten: Be Zealous Therefore, and Repent,” and Also 2 Chronicles 7:14, Which Says, “If My People, Which Are Called by My Name, Shall Humble Themselves, and Pray, and Seek My Face, and Turn From Their Wicked Ways; Then Will I Hear From Heaven, and Will Forgive Their Sin, and Will Heal Their Land.”

On This Day, March 10, 2 Years Ago, After Preaching Nearly Every Day for Over 5 Years and Predicting Repeatedly the Coronavirus Plague For Over 11 Years and at the Same Time Predicting That Due to the Church and the Government Colluding to Sanction the Abomination of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda and Other Sins Such as Adultery, Fornication, Divorce and Remarriage, Swinging, and Priests and Pastors Raping Children in the Church America Could Be Destroyed by Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, or a Combination of These Countries Daniel Whyte III Said These Words on March 10, 2020: “How to Stay the Plague: Daniel Whyte III, Who Was Going to Preach Something Else Tonight Was Led by the Lord Right Before the Sermon to Preach an Impromptu Message Regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic, or What He Calls the Plague.” On March 11, Right Before Donald Trump’s Speech Regarding the Plague Pandemic Daniel Whyte III Spoke on “What President Trump’s Christian Evangelical Advisers Should Have Told Him to Say in His Speech About This Coronavirus Pandemic-plague” and Then He Spoke on the Same Day, March 11, on “How the Lord Is Leading Me to Pray During the Coronavirus Pandemic-plague,” and Then on March 13 He Spoke on “How to Stay the Coronavirus Plague,” Which Became a Daily Briefing With Daniel Whyte III. On March 22, He Preached “Exhortations for Saints and Sinners as They Shelter in Place Due to the Plague.” On March 23 He Preached “What the Church Needs to Do and What President Trump Needs to Do to Stop the Plague and How the Following Preachers Can Save America and Save the World: Jack Graham, Franklin Graham, John MacArthur, Tony Evans, Dwight McKissic Jr., and Anne Graham Lotz.” Daniel Whyte III Was Going to Make March 10 of 2022 His Last Day of Preaching Consecutively but God May Have Other Plans for Him — Listen Below to All of the Sermons and Speeches

For America and the West, This Russia-Ukraine War Is Just the Beginning. The Worst Is Yet to Come – Daniel Whyte III Says It Is True That Light Always Wins Over Darkness, However, When the Light Has Lost Its Savor Due to the Darkness of Wicked Abominations and Sins Such as America and the West Embracing, Endorsing, and Sanctioning the Insanity and the Abomination of Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda Which Is a Spiritual Nuclear Bomb That Has Exploded Throughout America and the West, Then the Real Darkness Will Defeat the Darkness That Was Once Light. Whyte Tells America and the West, Since You Have Created the Largest Sodom and Gomorrah in the History of the World, Don’t Be Surprised to Find Out That You Are Not Only Fighting Against Putin, You Are Fighting Against God, and God Is Using Putin to Rebuke You and Chastise You and Punish You for the Evil You Have Done in His Sight Even Though He Has Been So Good to You. And May I Remind the Protestant, Evangelical, Charismatic, Catholic, and Mainline Churches, and the President of America and Presidents and Prime Ministers of All the Countries of the West That God Always Wins. Throughout History God Has Made It Clear That When People Begin to Embrace, Accept, and Promote Homosexuality, a Man Lying With a Man and a Woman Lying With a Woman, That Is a Line God Does Not Allow Man to Cross, So He Sends Chastisement, Punishment, Rebuke, Failure, and Destruction for Their Own Good Because They Are Destroying Themselves and Thus the World They Live In.