Risk of Another Pandemic Is High, Chris Whitty Warns as World Leaders Pledge £30 Million to UK-made Universal Coronavirus Vaccine That They Think and Claim Can Thwart New Variants and Other Viruses

There is a ‘relatively high’ risk of another pandemic within our lifetime, Britain’s chief medical officer suggested today.

Professor Sir Chris Whitty said there had been many ‘near misses’ in the past decade, pointing to Ebola and Zika outbreaks, warning that the ‘risks are there’.

Scientists believe modern living puts us at a greater risk of animal-borne pandemics, due to the global meat trade, farming and our closer interactions with animals.

Professor Whitty said: ‘The risks of pandemics and significant outbreaks is actually relatively high.

‘If you just think about the last decade we have had three major outbreaks one of which is a pandemic. It includes Ebola in West Africa, which was a really major outbreak.

‘We have had a second significant outbreak of Zika and that is an infection which has travelled over many years from Uganda all the way through Africa to Latin America. And of course we have also had Covid.’

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Source: Daily Mail