Pastor Steven Furtick Is Criticized for Praising Teen Son’s Song About Sex, Guns and Money – Daniel Whyte III Says No Surprise, This Is Just Another Pastor Who Has Been So Busy Trying to Be Famous That He Has Failed to Raise His Children Properly and Then Makes Things Worse and Doubles Down and Endorses and Applauds Sin to Try to Appear Cool by Trying to Win Brownie Points With Your Rebellious Child in Front of Other Christians in His Church and Around the World. Parents, When You Have Missed Your Moment in Raising Your Children Properly and They Turn Out to Do Evil, Do Not Double Down and Endorse the Child’s Evil Because You Are Not Helping Them or Other Christian Young People. Just Admit That You Have Failed, Your Child Is Wicked and Pray for Your Child. Do Not Try to Win the Child Over by Compromising God’s Word. That’s Not Going to Help the Child or Anybody Else. This Is One of the Reasons Why the Church Is in the Mess She Is in Today.

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, Pastor of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow, Russia, Describes the Conflict in Ukraine as Part of a STRUGGLE AGAINST SIN AND PRESSURE FROM LIBERAL FOREIGNERS TO HOLD “GAY PARADES” AS THE PRICE OF ADMISSION TO THEIR RANKS — Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Says Folks, as I Have Said Many Times Before, This Is Precisely What the Battle Is About. Protestant, Evangelical, Charismatic, Mainline, and Catholic Churches, Make Sure You Do Not Get on the Wrong Side of God Just Because You Want to Fit in With the World Council of Churches and Wicked Evil Liberal Society. As Dr. Tony Evans Has Said Many Times, “As a Christian You Make Sure You Position Yourself as a REFEREE, Not Just Taking Sides to Fit in.” The Battle Is on, So What Are You Going to Do: Mildew or Barbecue? It Is Up to You.

Poland Offers to Give the US All Its MiG-29 Fighter Jets So They Can Hand Them to Ukraine Without Recriminations – but Will It Make America a Target for Moscow and Dramatically Escalate Conflict? – the Answer From Daniel Whyte III Who Has Repeatedly Warned Biden Not to Do This or Anything Close to This, and Putin Has Actually Stated That He Would See America as a Combatant if He Did Such a Thing. To Say the Least This Is Very Dangerous and Also President Biden Needs to Take Russia Today Editor Resigning and Telling the World to Prepare for Nuclear War Very Seriously Because I Told Him That God Is Not With Him and God Is Not With America and That Is All That Matters, Not What Kind of Weapons You Have