Here We Go: Anguished Mothers Detail How Gender Ideology in Schools Threatens Parents’ Rights, Led to Suicide

WASHINGTON — Mothers fighting back against gender ideology indoctrination in the public school system detailed the devastating harms it has had on their children and families.

During a panel discussion at the Heritage Foundation Monday, scholar Jay Richards hosted three mothers who have been at the forefront of resisting this ideological push in the education system. Though their experiences were different, the mothers — January Littlejohn of Florida, Abigail Martinez of California, and Nicole Solas from Rhode Island — spoke of how school officials undermined their ability to parent and concealed from them what their children were being taught in the classroom.

Solas, a mother of two who’s also a senior fellow with Independent Women’s Forum, said the teachers union in her state sued her because she had filed public records requests seeking information about the teaching of gender theory and critical race theory in schools.

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Source: Christian Post