Herbie Newell on We Can Honor Women by Lifting Up Biblical Womanhood

Secular culture and many liberal denominations assert that if you affirm Biblical teaching, then you must be “anti-woman.” The implication is that it’s pro-woman to ignore the parts of God’s Word which object to culture.

This view twists and distorts a true Biblical worldview. The Word of God is pro-woman and the Lord demands through His Word that men defend, protect, and partner with women through the work of the Lord to the nations. March 8 is International Women’s Day, which presents a perfect opportunity to highlight Godly women who are a testament to Biblical womanhood, both in belief and in witness.

During my time at Lifeline Children’s Services, I’ve been given the honor of working alongside so many incredible, Godly women who live out the Biblical plan for womanhood every day in their work defending the lives of children and vulnerable women. Through our (un)adopted strategic global orphan care programs, where we offer support for orphans who aren’t eligible for adoption, I have continually been introduced to so many women who live out Biblical faith around the world.

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Source: Christian Post