Daniel Whyte III Says You Can Take Tish Harrison Warren’s Advice and Pray for Putin’s Demise, but You Need to First Pray and Ask God to Forgive the Church for Endorsing and Sanctioning the Abominations and Sins That the Church Has Committed, Such as Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda Which Was Intentionally Done Against God, Including the Protestant, Evangelical, Charismatic, and Catholic Church Has Sanctioned and Endorsed Even Joining With the Governments of America and Other Western Countries to Sanction and Endorse These Abominations and Sins, and Understand God May Be Using Putin to Rebuke and Chastise Ungodly Pastors and Government Officials in America and the West as God Used Evil Government Leaders in the Past to Rebuke and Chastise Israel. So You Can Pray as You Please, but Pray for Your Wicked Self Who Has Helped Put Us in This Situation. Whyte Warns Christians Everywhere to Be Careful About Joining the World’s Bandwagon Against Putin and Tells Them to Do What Dr. Tony Evans Has Said and Not Be on Anybody’s Team Because Christians Are the Referee and We as Christians Need to Deal With the Evil We Have Done Against God and Understand and Accept That We Are Being Rebuked and Chastised by God and Jesus Christ Because They Love Us.