Things You Gain When You Save Sex for Marriage

I’ll never forget the time I talked to my baby sister about premarital sex. She was a teenager and I was a college student, and I’d been burdened by the need to do my (big) sisterly duty for a while. We were driving to the mall one day and came to a red light that I knew from past experience took a solid five minutes to cycle back around to green. So I opened my mouth and tried to share my heart.

I was raised in church and had been active in my youth group before I went off to college. Long before I plunged in with my sister that day (praying the light wouldn’t change too soon), I’d decided I was going to wait on sex until I was married. I didn’t make that decision out of guilt or fear but rather with the hopeful conviction that, in temporarily denying myself some pleasure, I was gaining for myself long-term blessings.

Now, as the mom of one teenager and one young adult, I’ve had many more conversations about sex before marriage (none of them at traffic lights). I’ve tried to present God’s call to preserve the intimacy of “knowing” each other for within marriage not as His tight-fisted order against something bad but as His open-handed offer in favor of something good.

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SOURCE: Crosswalk, Elizabeth Spencer