Voddie Baucham Says He’s Been Asked to Accept the Nomination for Southern Baptist Convention President — Daniel Whyte III Says, Brother Baucham, This May Be a “For Such a Time as This” Moment for You. I Would Just Say to Make Sure the Lord Is in It and Make Sure the Lord Is Leading You to Do It, Because Around This Time of the Year, and I Know There Are Some Who Don’t Like for Me to Say It, but a Lynching Spirit Falls on Some in the Southern Baptist Convention, and They Lynch White People. If They Lynch White People You Know They May Lynch You. If They Can Lynch Paige Patterson, Russell Moore, Dwight McKissic, Richard Land, and Even Albert Mohler, Then There Is a Serious Problem Somewhere. Remember, a Whole Bunch of Southern Baptists Asked Dr. Tony Evans Would He Accept the Nomination for the Southern Baptist Convention and He Said, “I Thought the Lynching Days Were Over. You’re Not Going to Lynch Me.” So a Word to the Wise, Brother, The Southern Baptist Convention Needs You Badly, but I Just Don’t Know if They Can Take You Because You Are Not Only a Pastor But You Have Been a Prophet to Them As Well. They Don’t Lynch Prophets but I Do Know They Kill Prophets and Unless You Drink a Little Wine for Your Heart’s Sake I Don’t Know if You Are Going to Make It Dealing With These People. On a More Serious Note, I Love God, I Love Jesus Christ, and I Love the Southern Baptist Convention. The Southern Baptists Have Been Very Good to Me Throughout My Ministry Even Though I Am Not a Southern Baptist. Along With the Independent Baptists, Bible Church Folks, the National Baptists, and Others They Have Been a Blessing to Me and My Family and I Thank God for Them. If You Think You Can Turn the Southern Baptist Convention Around and God Is Leading You to Do That, Then Go for It.