Two Sisters Help Fight Off Would-Be Robbers After Their Mother is Attacked Outside Chicago Home

Taneisha Parker & daughters (CNN)

When a Chicago mother recently encountered two would-be thieves, she immediately took the situation into her own hands.

Taneisha Parker had just returned from picking up her two daughters from school and was getting ready to go inside her Roseland home Friday when she was confronted by two masked men who she said tried to steal her purse.

“The tallest one when he walked up, he said, ‘I don’t want to have to kill you,’ and he had his hand in his waist,” the mother stated.

But Parker says she didn’t see a gun and decided to take action.

“Maybe they thought I was going to say, ‘here take it and go ahead,’ but when I didn’t see a weapon I’m like, ‘I got hands, you got hands, we’re about to fight it out,'” she said.

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SOURCE: NBC Chicago, Vi Nguyen