WATCH: How This Christian Couple Lost 150 Pounds Together

Doctors say next to smoking, maintaining an unhealthy weight is the number one preventable cause of deadly diseases and other health problems. At the same time, most Americans are either overweight or obese. The pandemic made a bad situation worse, as Americans sat at home, stressed and bored, reaching for junk food.

Jeff and Angela Jordan were no different. At five-feet nine inches tall, Jeff tipped the scale at 264 pounds, and at five-feet three inches, Angela weighed 195.  But through faith in God, combined with healthy habits and exercise, Jeff lost 100 pounds and Angela lost 50.

Angela told CBN News, “We feel 20 years younger! We feel so much more energetic and active!”

Jeff told CBN News if he and Angela can do it, so can other people.

“It’s very doable. There’s nothing special about us. We have full-time jobs, kids, all the baggage that most people have.”

After 25 years of marriage, like many couples, over time they gradually put on weight, especially during the pandemic.

“I had actually gotten to the point where my wedding ring was cutting off the circulation to my finger,” Angela said. “And I developed lower back pain just from standing and doing the dishes.”

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SOURCE: CBN News, Lorie Johnson