In Light of the Lifeway Research Evangelism Explosion Study of Americans’ Openness to Talking About Faith’s Conclusion That Black Americans Are More Certain Than Any Other Racial Group That They Are Going to Heaven, Daniel Whyte III Says to My Black Brethren, My White Brethren, My Red Brethren, My Yellow Brethren, and My Brown Brethren, All of You Really, Truly Need to Examine Yourselves and See Whether You Be in the Faith. Quite Frankly, I Don’t See How a Large Number of Any Group, White or Black, Can Say They Have the Assurance of Salvation Considering How Wicked, Evil, and Ungodly the Church Is. I Hope That Is the Case, but as I Look at the Landscape of the Church Across All Races, Especially Black and White, I Am More Convinced That Many People in the Protestant, Evangelical, Charismatic, and Catholic Churches Are Going to Be in for a Rude Awakening When They Meet Jesus. They Are Going to Find Out That When They Thought They Were Saved on Earth, They Were on the Way to Hell, and They Are Going to Hear the Most Frightening Words Ever Said: “I Never Knew You: Depart From Me, Ye That Work Iniquity.”