BBC Reporter Clive Myrie Appears to Shed a Tear as he Presents News at 10 Live from Kyiv After Horrific First Day of Bloodshed and Violence in Ukraine

BBC journalist Clive Myrie appeared to shed a tear while reporting on Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine last night.

Myrie was reporting live in Kyiv for BBC News at 10 in front of St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery as sirens blared around him.

He told viewers that ‘fierce fighting’ was taking place and said Russia had attacked Ukraine ‘by land, sea and air’ on a brutal day of violence and bloodshed as the invasion got underway yesterday.

Then, as he introduced BBC News international correspondent Orla Gueri, a tear visibly streaked down his face. Dozens took to social media to share their shock at the scene.

One person wrote: ‘Extraordinary! Clive Myrie presenting the @BBCNews at 10 from Kyiv with a tear rolling down his cheek.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Danyal Hussain