Pastor Samuel Rodriguez Criticizes ‘Deconstructionism,’ Calls Out ‘Silent Prophets of Truth’

California Pastor Sam Rodriguez warned in his sermon Sunday about the enemy’s “powerful forces” amid an “atmosphere of deconstructionism, anarchy, chaos and relativism” who feel they have the “authority to change” the truths and institutions ordained by God.

The 52-year-old pastor of New Season Worship in Sacramento gave a Feb. 20 sermon titled “Terrific Tension,” contending that many people who are in powerful positions are hiding behind a guise of “trying to affect change” but are actually being driven by Satanic forces trying to alter God’s truths.

During the middle of his sermon centered on Jesus’ miracle of changing water into wine, Rodriguez told the audience that in this day and age, a major problem in society lies “embedded in a global movement of change that is out of alignment with the Word and the will of God.”

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Source: Christian Post