There’s a Devil Loose: Wisconsin Fast Food Employee and Father-of-One is Shot in the Face by Twin Sisters Who Were Angry Over Burger Missing from Their Order

Rodriguez (pictured in an undated photo), a single father to a three-year-old, recalled how while bleeding out on the eatery’s floor he thought he would never see his son again. ‘I never expected to get shot being a server,’ he said of his near-death experience

A Wisconsin restaurant worker is recovering after being shot in the face when a pair of customers grew angry over a $3 hamburger missing from their order.

Anthony Rodriguez, 26, a dad-of-one, miraculously survived the January 30 shooting, which left his spine fractured and a portion of the bullet still lodged in his throat.

‘I do remember just laying on the ground and just bleeding out,’ Rodriguez, wearing a neck brace to support his fractured spine, told local outlet WISN-TV last week of the brazen late-night attack at a Wauwatosa George Webb location, where he worked as a server.

Breanta and Bryanna Johnson

‘I was in so much shock. I don’t really remember being in much pain, but I remember kind of internally freaking out and being very scared and just telling myself, “Wow, I’m probably gonna die here.”‘

Rodriguez was the only server working at the popular Wisconsin chain restaurant the night of the attack, which took place shortly after 12 a.m.

George Webb restaurant

Twin sisters Bryanna and Breanta Johnson, both 20, were allegedly ‘impatient and rude’ while waiting for their order and then became angry when a hamburger was missing, prompting one of them to walk outside and return with a pistol. The two proceeded to attack Rodriguez and one of them shot him in the face while he was down, police said.

The twin sisters were subsequently tracked down and arrested by Wisconsin police, and are facing attempted homicide charges for the brazen attack. The are being held in jail on $100,000 bail, according to police records.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Alex Hammer