Students Strip Searched for Vaping Devices in Wisconsin

Six teenage girls say they were forced to strip so school administrators could check them for vaping devices. Families of the teenagers—students at Suring High School in Wisconsin—have now retained a civil rights lawyer, after the local district attorney declined to bring criminal charges against Suring High officials.

In Wisconsin, it’s illegal for any official, employee, or agent of a school district to conduct a strip search of a student. School policy also specifies that this should not be done.

But District Attorney Edward D. Burke, Jr. said Tuesday he would not press charges against Superintendent Kelly Casper and the school nurse (both women) who made the girls disrobe, because Wisconsin law defines a strip search as requiring the exposure of genitals, pubic areas, breasts, or butts.

Burke said the girls were asked to strip down to their underwear and bras but not to take off their undergarments. Two students who weren’t wearing underwear were allowed to leave on leggings while officials patted down their legs. “One of the students was asked to pull her bra band away from her body, but her breasts were not exposed to Ms. Casper or the nurse,” Burke said in a statement.

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Source: Reason