Critics Lash Out at Franklin Graham’s Call For Christians to ‘Pray For President Putin’ — Daniel Whyte III Quite Frankly Does Not See Franklin Graham as the Mantle Bearer of His Great Father Billy Graham (In Fact, He Sees His Sister Anne Graham Lotz as the Child Who Has Picked Up More of the Spirit of Their Father Billy Graham.) Daniel Whyte III Has Disagreed With How Franklin Graham Has Used His Father’s Good Name and Disagrees With Him as He is the Head of the Graham Family Being Willing to Sell the Prophet and Evangelist Billy Graham’s House Among Other Things, But He Stands With Franklin Graham in His Call for Christians to Pray for President Putin, and Goes on to Say That the People Who Are Criticizing Him Are Apparently Ignorant of the Scriptures, for Jesus Said to All of Us in Matthew 5:44, “But I Say Unto You, Love Your Enemies, Bless Them That Curse You, Do Good to Them That Hate You, and Pray for Them Which Despitefully Use You, and Persecute You.” Second, When God Tells Us as Christians to Pray for Government Leaders, It Doesn’t Limit Us to Pray Only for American Government Leaders or Leaders in Our Country, but for All Government Ministers Around the Globe. God Even Told Us to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. God Created the Institution of Government. If You Want to Live in a Peaceful and Quiet Environment, You Better Pray for All Government Officials, Because as Dr. Tony Evans Has Stated, We Are Not to Line Up With Any Political Group or Party, Be They Democrats, Republicans, or Whatever Putin Is. As Christians, We Are Referees, So We Pray for Everybody. Daniel Whyte III Says Further, That the Truth of the Matter Is, You Better Pray for PUTIN, XI, BIDEN, KIM JONG UN, EBRAHIM RAISI, NAFTALI BENNETT, EMMANUEL MACRON, BORIS JOHNSON, and Others Because if You Look at Biblical History When a People Forsake God as Much as the Protestant Church, the Evangelical Church, and the Catholic Church in America Has, and America Itself Has, God Uses Their Enemies and People Who Don’t Even Know God as a Battering Ram Against His Own People Because They Have Forsaken Him and They Know Better. Americans Have Forsaken God in Multiple Ways, and We Have Crossed the Line With God, With the Church, the Government, and the Family, the Three Great Institutions of God, by Sanctioning and Supporting Homosexuality, Homosexual Marriage, and the Homosexual Agenda All the Way Up to the Supreme Court. So Somebody Better Be Praying for PUTIN, XI, BIDEN, KIM JONG UN, EBRAHIM RAISI, NAFTALI BENNETT, EMMANUEL MACRON, BORIS JOHNSON, and Everybody Else Lest You End Up Speaking Russian or Chinese Soon Because God is Not Pleased With the Evil That CHURCH PEOPLE AND SECULAR PEOPLE Have Done in This Country Called America. THE PEOPLE IN THE AMERICAN CHURCH WHO ARE CRITICIZING GRAHAM FOR PRAYING FOR SOMEBODY THEY DON’T LIKE REALLY NEED TO BE PRAYING FOR THEMSELVES BECAUSE IT IS DUE TO THEIR PRAYERLESSNESS AND SIN AND REBELLIOUSNESS THAT THEY ARE THE REASON WE ARE IN THIS MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHERE THE GOD OF BILLY GRAHAM IS. GOD IS WHERE HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND BILLY GRAHAM IS WITH HIM. THE QUESTION IS WHERE IS THE “BILLY GRAHAM” OF GOD TODAY?

Churches Face Pastor Shortage as Many Resign During the Plague – Daniel Whyte III Says in the Words of Kenny Rogers “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille.” You Would Not Have Shown Yourself to Be a Hireling if You Quit Before the Plague or After the Plague, but to Quit Within the Plague Says a Lot About You Because the Bible Says in Proverbs 24:10, “If Thou Faint in the Day of Adversity, Thy Strength Is Small.” The Truth of the Matter Is the Pastors Who Are Quitting Were Never Born Again in the First Place and They Were Certainly Never Called by God. The Truly Born Again Called Pastors Have Never Even Thought About Leaving the Ministry. We Say With Paul, “Woe Is Unto Me, if I Preach Not the Gospel.”