Pope Francis Says “I Forgive Pope Benedict. I Hope Others Can Too. I See Benedict as a Holy but Flawed Individual Who Did the Best He Was Capable of.” Daniel Whyte III Says, Pope Francis, It Is Good That You Are Willing to Forgive Pope Benedict and That You Hope Others Can Too. I Believe That It Is Good That He Resigned of His Own Accord and Allowed You to Become Pope and It Is Good That He Apologized. However, for the Glory of God, for the Healing of the Church, and for the Healing of Thousands and Millions Who Have Been Sexually Abused, Raped by Crucifixes, Nuns Who Have Been Raped, and Priests and Altar Boys Who Have Been Homosexualized, Ratzinger Should Be Arrested. But He Will Not Be Arrested Because the Catholic Church Is Worse Than the Mafia About Covering Up Things and Hiding Things and Forgiving Their Brethren. Please Remember, Pope, It Is Easy for Us Who Have Not Been Abused by the Actions of a Man Like Pope Ratzinger to Forgive Him Because We Are Not on the Painful End of the Soul-destroying Child Molestation, Rape, and Being Turned Into a Homosexual by Somebody We Were Looking Up to as a Representative of God. Ratzinger Has Not Only Committed Sins, He Has Committed Crimes, and It Will Be Healthy and Healing for Millions of People Who Have Been Hurt by the Catholic Church to See a Pope’s Head Roll, Figuratively Speaking, for the Awful Sins of Bishops and Priests Against the Most Vulnerable People in the Church. May God Help You People to Do the Right Thing for the Glory of God. And by the Way, I Am Not Just Picking on the Catholic Church. I Am Calling on the Southern Baptist Convention as Well to Make Sure That Not Only a Pastor but a Seminary Professor, David Sills, Who Destroyed a Young Beautiful Christian Woman’s Life by Grooming Her and Abusing Her According to Her Testimony is Punished. He Can Ask for Forgiveness and We Will Forgive Him, Like You Are Doing With Ratzinger, but He Must Also Be Punished for His Sins, and as You Know Pope, That Is Also in God’s System of Grace. This Is Never Going to Stop Until Popes, Pastors, Bishops, and Priests Start Not Only Apologizing and Shelling Out Money but Spending Some Time in Jail.