Russian Terminator Tanks Move Within Two Miles of Ukrainian Border as War Fears Grow

Russian terminator tanks have moved within two miles of the Ukrainian border as fears of war grow.

Convoys of Kremlin military firepower have moved close to the border, a new video has revealed.

A train loaded with Terminator tank support fighting vehicles is seen in a video evidently for the first time heading towards the border.

The Terminator is seen as especially suited to urban warfare.

The ominous manoeuvres have been taken part in the Belgorod region of Russia only days after Moscow was originally supposed to withdraw troops, before reneging on that promise.

Russian forces are now closer than ever to the frontier in preparation for an invasion which officials in the west have repeatedly warned is coming.

One of the videos shows a convoy on the move near Shebekino, close to the border.

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Source: Mirror