Millions of Americans Across the Northeast Are Warned to Brace for Polar Plunge as Storm Nancy Blows in Sending Temperatures Plummeting by Up to 30 Degrees Before Storm Oaklee Hits Days Later

Large parts of the US are facing major winter storms this week as two brutal weather systems look set to bring a torrent of snow and ice across much of the country.

The first, named Winter Storm Nancy by The Weather Channel, has triggered widespread winter weather alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS) across the Dakotas and The Great Lakes, extending to several upper-Midwest states.

The storm is expected to send temperatures plummeting by up to 30 degrees and will deposit several inches of snow across the Midwest and Northeast.

A Weather Channel warning read: [‘Expect at least 6 inches of snowfall from portions of the Dakotas into much of Minnesota, northern and central Wisconsin, northern Michigan and far northern Maine. Locally a foot or more of snow is possible in some areas.

‘This includes the Twin Cities, where this longer-lived snowfall could lead to hazardous morning and afternoon commutes Monday and Tuesday.

‘Some accumulations of freezing rain and/or sleet are also possible in parts of northern Iowa into southern Wisconsin, far northern Illinois, northern Lower Michigan and far northern New England.’

Nancy is set to be followed swiftly by Storm Oaklee, which will make landfall in the Southwest on Tuesday but is expected to track across the central US, gaining in strength as it does so, before bringing yet more snow and ice to the Midwest and Northeast at the end of the week.

The fresh winter storms represent yet more misery for millions of Americans who were battered by brutal weather systems late last week.

Alabama Power customers were without electricity on Thursday and Friday in the state amid tornadoes, while further north, 13,000 were without power in Tennessee; 14,000 in Kentucky; 16,000 in darkness in Ohio and 18,000 in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, 40mph gusts in Illinois whipped up blizzards which caused a pile-up of more than 100 cars and trucks on Interstate 39 early Friday morning and saw hundreds of flights cancelled at both O’ Hare and Midway international airports.

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Source: Daily Mail