Hampton University is First HBCU to be Added to Delta Air Lines’ Propel Collegiate Pilot Career Path Program

Delta Air Lines is bringing Hampton University as its first HBCU to be a part of their Propel Collegiate Pilot Career Path Program in an effort to “broaden diversity and build upon the significant legacy people of color have contributed to aviation.”

The program launched in 2018 to groom the next generation of pilots.  According to the press release, The Hamptonites are now eligible to join the program and will have the opportunity to receive a job offer after the program once passing the airline’s rigorous standards.

“Adding Hampton University as a Delta Air Lines Propel partner evokes a myriad of thoughts and emotions,” said First Officer Monique Grayson, an interviewer for the Propel program. “Delta says connecting the world requires that we first respect the world through seeking diversity, promoting inclusion, creating equity, and driving accountability towards these goals. Considering the history of HBCU’s and that of Delta, I am proud to see the company doing just that. I am grateful to the individuals who have worked behind the scenes to provide opportunities to a group that has been underrepresented in this field for far too long.” 

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SOURCE: Black America Web