CNN Founder Ted Turner Is ‘Adamantly Against’ What Jeff Zucker Did With the Network as His Biographer Reveals the 83-year-old Suffers From the Same Disease Robin Williams Had and Carries the Same Silver Gun His Father Used to Kill Himself

The founder of CNN, Ted Turner, has sparked suicide concerns after his biographer revealed that the 83-year-old suffers from the same debilitating and incurable disease that led Robin Williams to take his own life – and carries around the same silver pistol that his father had used to kill himself.

But Lewy Body Syndrome hasn’t stopped the outspoken media mogul from speaking his mind about the network he founded – and the man who was running it as president until his very recent ousting for his relationship with a coworker.

Turner blames Jeff Zucker for taking CNN away from straight news into a more opinion-led network, according to Porter Bibb’s biography on Turner; It Ain’t as Easy as It Looks.

‘He’s been adamantly [against] what Zucker did with CNN, turning it into an opinion network, to compete with Fox and losing the concept of hard news 24/7 was wrong,’ Bibb said.

However, the author admitted that he hadn’t spoken to Turner recently ‘because candidly he cannot really carry on a conversation. His brain is starting to go.

‘Ted has Lewy Body Syndrome – the same irreversible brain disease that Robin Williams had and he ended up killing himself,’ Bibb said, referring to William’s 2014 suicide.

Bibb admitted he was concerned that ‘the same thing that could happen to Ted.’

‘Ted’s famous for carrying a silver pistol that his dad committed suicide with. He’s packed it all his life,’ he added.

‘If he loses his brain, I’m sure that he will follow Robin Williams.’

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Source: Daily Mail