Black Beauty Roster Teams Up with WarnerMedia to Teach Beauty Professionals How to Style Hair and Makeup for Black Talent

Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, Tabitha Brown and many more Black actresses have had to deal with the horrors of the beauty trailer on set because stylists were not trained on how to do Black hair or makeup. Luckily, Black Beauty Roster, a platform for diverse hair and makeup education, has partnered with WarnerMedia to train professional stylists how to treat Black hair and skin. This partnership aims to increase the diversity of beauty professionals in the media industry as well as improve the ways in which Black characters are styled and costumed for the screen.

BBR Co-founder Simone Tetteh said BBR was inspired by the racial reckoning of summer 2020. While reflecting on the value of Black life and Black talent, she realized one group that needed advocacy were Black beauty professionals.

“I think we’ve all seen the stories and the tweets and heard about these horror stories that happened when there is just a lack of diversity behind the camera. We’re in a really interesting place where for the first time, I think in my lifetime, I’m able to turn on any channel or any streaming service and see someone who looks like me. And as great as that diversity is, we recognize that at same diversity is not in the hair and makeup chair,” said Tetteh.

The partnership with WarnerMedia was a result of their summit held last year. The WarnerMedia team reached out to BBR and they joined them in a panel, learning more how they can be a better ally and advocate.

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SOURCE: The Root, Kalyn Womack