There’s a Devil Loose: Outrage as Florida Doctor Is Handed Just Probation and House Arrest for Strangling His Girlfriend and Murdering His Father

A former Florida doctor has been released from jail on probation after agreeing to a plea deal for killing his father and strangling his girlfriend in 2018.

Rafael Azulay, 47, was charged with second-degree murder three years ago for the shooting of his father, 67-year-old Asher Azulay.

Police said he killed his father in May 2018 after asking his parents to find the charger for his ankle monitor and to bring it to his Weston home, where he was under house arrest for two battery charges in a March 2018 incident involving his ex-fiancée.

After fatally shooting his father, Azulay then shot himself in the stomach before being taken to hospital in critical condition.

Prior to the homicide, Azulay had also been previously charged with aggravated assault for allegedly threatening his mother.

However, under the plea deal, Azulay’s murder charge was lowered to a charge of manslaughter with a firearm. The assault charge was dropped.

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Source: Daily Mail