Winter snow buries Lebanon refugee camps

This is what snow removal looks like in refugee camps.
(Photo courtesy of TM Lebanon)

Winter packs a punch in Lebanon. Back-to-back storms in January buried makeshift refugee settlements. Temperatures continue to plummet in Syria while resources move farther out of reach. The same is true in neighboring Lebanon.

Nuna from Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says snow is typical. But local reports describe the weather this year as strange. “We have another storm arriving; it’s like a storm after storm after storm. We hardly get out of one, and we start another one,” Nuna says.

“They said that these (storms) are coming from the Arctic, so this is a really unusual winter, unusual cold.”

It’s wreaking havoc on Lebanon’s most vulnerable populations. “You have the elderly who have no heating; the refugees who are under tents, the sick, the handicapped,” Nuna says.

“Many people don’t have any kind of heating system whatsoever.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray relief aid and believers’ care leads people to faith in Christ.
  • Pray TM Lebanon teams have many Gospel opportunities.