Los Angeles Sheriff Criticizes City Board’s Push to Fire 3,000 of His Deputies – Third of the Department – Because They’re Unvaccinated Despite Soaring Crime Including 94% Spike in Murders

LA’s sheriff has blasted the city’s woke board of directors for ordering the dismissal of 3,000 unvaccinated deputies – 30 per cent of his force – despite skyrocketing crime that includes a 94% spike in murders.

In a 4-0 preliminary vote last week, with one member abstaining, the Board approved a motion stripping Villanueva of the power to enforce the county’s vaccine mandate.

They did so after Villanueva previously refused to enforce it and fire anyone. That responsibility has now been passed over to the county personnel director, who will be authorized to discipline and terminate non-compliant employees.

Villanueva slammed the decision as a ‘death blow to public safety’ that would cause his department to lose more than a third of its workforce amid rising crime rates, including a shocking 94 per cent increase in homicides over the last two years.

The decision was approved by board members Sheila Kuehl, Holly Mitchell, Janice Khan and Hilda Solis. Kathryn Berger, the fifth and final board member, abstained.

Speaking to Fox News Digital this week, Villanueva, who described himself as a Democrat in the mold of ‘JFK and FDR,’ lashed out at the Board for attempting to change county Civil Service rules to shift the responsibility for disciplining employees from individual department heads, such as the sheriff, to the county personnel director.

‘This is nothing but a power grab by the board,’ Villanueva, who heads the nation’s largest sheriff’s department, told the conservative outlet. He has also accused the board of kotowing to LA’s infamously woke DA George Gascon, whose soft on crime policies have been blamed for soaring violence in the City of Angels.

The proposed changes will go to a final vote during a Board meeting set for March 15.

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Source: Daily Mail