Dr. Tony Evans Explains Why America Needs Black History Month: ‘Putting Unity to Use for Good’

Pastor Tony Evans believes America needs a Black History Month, because “God does his best work in unity.”

In a recent article for Relevant Magazine, the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, reminds Christians, “When we got saved, we were baptized into the body of Christ. No matter our race, gender, or class, when each of us came to faith in Jesus, we entered into a new family. We didn’t create God’s family. We became a part of it.”

Citing Ephesians 4:3, Evans wrote, “The Holy Spirit created our unity. It is our job to preserve it.”

He also gave his theory as to why Americans still haven’t solved the racial divide in our country even after 157 years.

It’s “because people apart from God are trying to invent unity, while people who belong to God are not living out the unity we already possess. The result of both of these situations has been and will continue to be, disastrous for our nation. Let alone disastrous for the witness of Christ to our nation,” he explained.

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Source: CBN