Adele’s Rebuke of the Woke Gender Mob Was No Fluke at the Brit Awards. Even Though She Has Been Attacked by the LGBT Community, She Doubles Down and Triples Down Right in Front of This Wicked Crowd by Emphasizing and Saying ‘We Love Being ****ing Females.’ Daniel Whyte III Says I Didn’t Say She Was a Born-again Christian, So There Are Some Very Bad Words Ahead, but Sad to Say, She Has More Guts Than Some of These Deconstructive Christians. I’m With You Adele. I Love Being a Man. Evidently Adele Has Decided That She’s Big and Bad Enough and Rich Enough to Not Play This Game and Tell People the Truth as to How She Feels

Pop singer-songwriter Adele proclaimed, “We love being ****ing females” after coming under attack and being accused of transphobia for saying that she loves “being a woman” at the sex-neutral Brit Awards.

“We love being females, we love being a ****ing female,” Adele proclaimed at G-A-Y’s Porn Idol event at Heaven in London, appearing to double down on her proclamation that she loves being “being a woman” after facing criticism over her Brit Awards acceptance speech on Tuesday.

Videos surfaced to social media showing the “Rolling in the Deep” singer co-hosting an apparent stripping contest alongside RuPaul Drag Race UK star Cheryl Hole.

Warning: This video contains vulgar language.

When asked to choose the winner of the stripping contest, Adele selected a woman, declaring, “I’m going to go with my girl. I know, I know, I’ve had a lot of **** the last couple of days.”

“You were great, but,” the singer told another contestant before turning to her female winner.

“But we love being females, but we love being a ****ing female, don’t we?” Adele said to the winner. “Yes, I pick her, 100 percent. ****ing sexy, ****ing beautiful, ****ing lovely, confident with all these ****ing men around.”

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Source: Breitbart