Thank God: Democrat Senator Joe Manchin Launches Bipartisan Bill to Stop Taxpayer Funds Being Used on ‘crack’ Pipes as Two Republican Reps. Introduce the ‘Hunter’ Act to Ban Federal Spending on Needles and Drug Paraphernalia – the Devil Is a Lie

Sen. Joe Manchin teamed up with Republicans to introduce a bill that would ban the distribution of drug paraphernalia, and two Republicans appalled by a viral report alleging that the Biden administration was going to fund handing out crack pipes to drug addicts have introduced the ‘HUNTER Act’ which would do the same.

Though Health and Human Services (HHS) has denied that crack pipes were ever to be included in the ‘safe smoking kits’ they will fund, Reps. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Dan Bishop of North Carolina told Fox News that the Biden administration got caught ‘red-handed.’

HHS is now considering applications from community groups to dole out $30 million as part of its Harm Reduction Grant. The grant will fund programs that offer materials for addicts to utilize when using to mitigate the spread of disease.

The Republicans’ bill, the Halting the Use of Narcotics Through Effective Recovery Act this week, dubbed the HUNTER Act, is named after President Biden’s son Hunter who has struggled with drug addiction.

‘I like the HUNTER Act,’ Boebert said, ‘because it was a better acronym than Stop Paying to Subsidize Biden’s Son’s Drug Addiction act. That didn’t really flow. I think tax dollars have been on the hook for Hunter’s addictions long enough.’

Bishop said the bill would take aim at the federal funding of safe injection sites, needle trade-ins, and safe smoking kits. He said such programs try to ‘remove all stigma’ from drug use, when ‘actually stigma is not a bad thing.’

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Source: Daily Mail