Philadelphia Firefighters Caught Saying N-Word, Disparaging Black Colleagues, Mocking Black Girl Killed by Police After They Thought Zoom Call Was Disconnected

Volunteer firefighters from a Philadelphia-area station thought their Zoom call was disconnected and proceeded to use the N-word and other racist language to disparage an all-black fire company, and mock the name of an 8-year-old Black girl who was fatally shot by police last year.

ABC Channel 6 reported that firefighters from Delaware County’s Briarcliffe Fire Company Station 75 thought their conversation following a virtual meeting in late January was private. But their colleagues from the Goodwill station were still in the call.

And hit record.

“A bunch of f*cking n*ggers down there,” one Briarcliffe firefighter can be heard saying in reference to the all-Black Darby Township Fire Company. The Briarcliffe firefighters also called Darby’s chief a racial slur and a “piece of sh*t,” complained about Black firefighters being lazy, and discussed there being too many African-Americans living in the area.

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