Muslim Army Veteran Shukri Abdirahman Running as Republican to Unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar

Muslim army veteran Shukri Abdirahman via Twitter

Muslim army veteran Shukri Abdirahman is running as a Republican to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), and she joined “Fox & Friends First” to discuss why she taking aim at the ‘Squad’ member.

Abdirahman is all about funding the police, securing American borders and she’s not down with Omar’s far-left agenda when it comes to illegal immigration. Abdirahman is running to represent the 5th Congressional District as a Republican, Fox News reports.

“I gave my life to this country for 10 and a half years, I put my life on the line for the ideals of America, the America that I got used to, the America that I was proud to put my life on the line and I came here legally as a refugee,” said Abdirahman, a Somali refugee.

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