Michael Gerson, Writing in the Opinions section of the Washington Post, in Our Opinion, Lies on Dr. Tony Evans by Saying Pastor Tony Evans “LEADS HIS FLOCK TOWARD DANGER WITH ANTI-VACCINE RHETORIC,” trying to group him with such discredited preachers as Greg Locke, When in Reality, Dr. Tony Evans Gave the Most Clear-headed and Balanced Statement on Vaccine Mandates Than Any Pastor in the Country, Black or White, and He Gave the Most Balanced Statement About It Because He Sees Things From God’s Perspective and That Is God is In Charge and He Is the One Who Caused This Chastisement, Punishment and Judgment on the church, America, and the world Because of Our Gross Sins and Abominations, and No Matter What Vaccines They Come Up With, if God Wants the Plague to Continue It’s Going to Continue. Sad to Say They Probably Think That Because He Is a Black Preacher He Should Fall in Line 100% With the Liberal Woke Chaos That Is Going on in This Country. They Didn’t Realize That Even Though He Is Black He Is an Unbought and Unbossed Preacher and Evidently They Did Not Hear Him Say Over a Thousand Times That I’m Not With the Democrat Team or Republican Team, I’m Not With the Conservatives or the Liberals, I’m the REFEREE of the Game Because I Am a Christian. Dr. Tony Evans actually Said, “These Variants Aren’t Just Variants. This Is God Showing Medical Science, Politicians and People: ‘I Don’t Care What You Come Up With. I’m Talking Now.’ … You Should Have a Choice, Whether It’s Natural Immunity or Whether It’s Therapeutics. You Shouldn’t Be Mandated to Put Chemicals in Your Body. But You Should Be Free to if You Choose to. So Our Issue Is Against Mandates, Not Against Vaccinations if You Choose to. … People Don’t Know What to Do, So Stuff Keeps Changing Because God Keeps Messing Stuff Up. … So Whatever Decision You Make, Be Able to Trust God With It.” So Black Christian News.com editors are humbly asking Michael Gerson and the Washington Post to at least consider changing the title to a truthful title. And the truth is in the article. (For the Record, Dr. Tony Evans Did Not Ask Us to Do This and He Does Not Even Know That We Are Writing This Article in His Defense. We Are Saying Something About It Because He Is Not Going to Say Anything About It as He Is a Very Humble and Meek Man)

As we enter the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, it is the religious objections to routine vaccination that persist and perplex.

In some religious circles, the rapid spread of the omicron variant is being taken as an antidote to medical arrogance. “These variants aren’t just variants,” the popular television preacher Tony Evans explains. “This is God showing medical science, politicians, people: ‘I don’t care what you come up with. I’m talking now.’”

While conceding that “vaccines help,” Evans goes on to argue that “you should have a choice, whether it’s natural immunity or whether it’s therapeutics. You shouldn’t be mandated to put chemicals in your body. But you should be free to if you choose to. So our issue is against mandates, not against vaccinations if you choose to. … People don’t know what to do, so stuff keeps changing because God keeps messing stuff up. … So whatever decision you make, be able to trust God with it.”

This position — which assumes that God introduces an element of uncertainty into the conclusions of science to expose human arrogance — is intended to justify a reasonable middle ground of personal choice on vaccination. The problem? It is a theological absurdity based on a bald-faced deception in service to a dangerous ideology.

From the most recent data, we know that covid-19 boosters have an effectiveness of 90 percent to 95 percent against severe disease or death. According to a recent editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine by Minal K. Patel: “This means that if the absolute effectiveness of two vaccine doses is 90%, the absolute effectiveness of two doses plus a booster is 99 to 100%.”

Whatever this is, it is not a basis to argue that “people don’t know what to do.” People know exactly what to do to prevent — and nearly eliminate — the risk of severe disease and death from a nasty pathogen. Two doses plus a booster is as close as medicine comes to the ironclad certainty of protection.

This creates certain moral responsibilities for those in positions of influence. If they claim that strong scientific conclusions are actually in doubt, they are engaged in deception. If they address this issue without affirming the urgency of universal vaccination, they are condemning a portion of their audience to the risk of needless death.

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Source: Washington Post