Gayle King hosts ‘CBS Mornings’ from the back of a van after testing positive for COVID alongside co-anchor Vlad Duthiers – but she says she’s still hoping to go on vacation tomorrow following ‘multiple negative tests’

Instead of isolating in her office, Gayle chose to continue her hosting duties from inside a mobile TV studio which is housed in the back of a van and has a single camera and a green screen background, which was used to make the host appear as if she was in a studio

Gayle King hosted CBS Mornings from the back of a van outside of the studio after she tested positive for COVID-19 alongside co-anchor Vlad Duthiers – but said she still hopes to go on vacation tomorrow following ‘multiple negative tests.’

Gayle, 67, said she fell to the floor when she tested positive for the virus on Thursday, and had to ‘literally be picked up’ off the ground by CBS executive producer Shawna Thomas.

The talk show host explained that they take many tests throughout the week for the show, and when one PCR test came back positive, she was completely stunned – since she is ‘so freaking careful.’

But she wasn’t going to let the positive COVID test stop her from doing her job. Rather than going home to isolate – she decided to shoot her segment alone from the back of a van.

The van in question is a type of mobile TV studio, which has a camera in the back of it and a green screen background, which was used to make Gayle’s broadcast look as though it was taking place inside a real studio.

The TV personality said she was determined to be on the show because her interview with the parents of Bakari Henderson, a 22-year-old who was beaten to death in 2017, was airing – something she said was ‘so important to her.’

Gayle has since received ‘multiple’ negative tests and she still hopes to head off on her ‘long planned’ vacation to Los Angeles, California, tomorrow.

‘I’m supposed to be heading to Los Angeles tomorrow. I’m still hoping to do that,’ she told co-host Tony Dokoupil from the van.

Tony broadcasted from inside the studio alongside Dana Jacobson – who both tested negative.

She continued: ‘Let me just tell you something. When you get the diagnosis, it really does — that primal scream you heard from the fourth floor was me because I’ve been so freaking careful.

‘I just couldn’t believe it. Shout out to Shawna who had to literally pick me off the floor and just guide me to the office because I had a positive PCR and a negative antigen.’

Gayle called the whole experience ‘jarring,’ but Tony reminded her to ‘stay calm and carry on.’

‘We’ve since taken multiple [tests]. They’ve all been negative. Everybody on my team is negative,’ said Gayle.

‘I don’t even know how to explain this. I just got off the phone with my doctor. She said, “Gayle, you’re fine. Just put on your mask and carry on.” But it is very, very jarring, I have to say. The day before my vacation.’

When the show first started on Thursday morning, Gayle explained that she had been exposed to the virus and was waiting on the results of her test.

She decided to film from a van outside, out of an ‘abundance of caution,’ while introducing her interview with Bakari’s parents.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail