Deaf Ministry Coalition Bridges Gaps in Information, Communication

In the image, Deaf leaders discuss the Deaf Ministry Coalition. (Photo courtesy of Deaf Missions)

An international Deaf Ministry Coalition is bridging communication and information gaps in the mission field and on the home front. “That primary group grew out of a conference called Finishing the Task back in 2019 when there was a real emphasis and a highlight on Deaf ministry,” DOOR International’s Rob Myers says.

“It became clear that there needed to be a platform for Deaf ministries to work together more broadly, as well as for Hearing organizations to get information about Deaf ministry.”

Deaf believers laid the initial plans for this coalition in January 2020. But then along came a pandemic, and priorities had to shift. Now, with systems restored and needs under control, Deaf leaders can put their plans into action.

“The hope is for the DMC to begin a website, as well as a Facebook page, to provide some best practices, basic information, and give people an opportunity to network together,” Myers says.

Explaining how the system would work, Myers says: “If one ministry organization is working in a particular country and they’d like to know about Deaf resources or Deaf people working [in the same] country, they can reach out, get that information, and connect to a local ministry.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray the Deaf Ministry Coalition can streamline global efforts and make them more effective.
  • Ask the Lord to give Deaf leaders wisdom and innovation. It can be intimidating to start something brand new.