Armenian President Resigns due to a Lack of Power During Times of Crisis

The photo shows the former Armenian president Armen Sarkissian. (Photo courtesy of, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons)

Armen Sarkissian, President of Armenia, has resigned unexpectedly. He says he left his position due to a lack of power during times of crisis. Sarkisian especially criticized the Prime Minister’s handling of the war with Azerbaijan in 2020. Armenia lost large amounts of territory in that conflict.

Eric Mock with the Slavic Gospel Association says, “It was a difficult conflict complicated by international pressure, specifically Turkey getting involved with Azerbaijan. The people of Armenia have been under assault for a long time, for hundreds of years. They are, in a sense, surrounded. They’re a Christian nation surrounded by Muslim nations. There’s a tremendous challenge that’s there.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray the love of churches in Armenia and Azerbaijan would reflect the love of Jesus.