There’s a devil loose: Married son of Brazilian pastor confesses to choking and stabbing his mistress to death after she told him she was pregnant

Antonieli Nunes (left) was killed by Gabriel Souza (right), the married son of a pastor who was also her co-worker. The pair were involved in a 10-month relationship that ended last week when Souza killed her after learning she was pregnant with his child

The married son of an evangelical pastor was arrested in Brazil after he confessed to killing his mistress when she had told him she was pregnant.

Gabriel Souza, 28, turned himself in to authorities on Friday after he choked and stabbed Antonieli Nunes, 32, at a home he had rented for their romps in Pimenta Bueno, Rondónia, according to Brazilian news outlet G1.

Souza told investigators that Nunes – with whom he carried on an extramarital affair for 10 months – had informed him last Tuesday that she urgently needed to talk to him.

Nunes drove to the office where she and Souza worked together and the pair went to the house, where she showed him a box with baby clothes and a positive pregnancy test, and asked if he would be able to help parent the child.

‘She took a box from her wardrobe and inside was a baby outfit and a positive pregnancy test,’ Souza told the police.

Souza contacted Nunes to see her the following day after they were done working and headed back to the rental home. At one point, he asked her to give him until Friday so he can let his wife and family know about the pregnancy, police said.

Souza was lying behind Nunes in bed when he said he experienced an ‘anxiety crisis’ and placed her in a chokehold.

‘She was lying on my left arm, with her back to me, when out of nowhere I gave her a rear naked choke, immobilizing her with my legs as well,’ he said. ‘She struggled and fought her own death.’

Souza said he ‘squeezed Antonieli’s neck’ until he could not feel his arms, and then cried while he sat on the floor as Nunes was motionless in the bed.

He noticed that Nunes was regaining consciousnesses and then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and plunged it into her neck, he told cops.

Souza fled the home with the pregnancy test and her cellphone and dumped them in a nearby river.

Nunes’ body was found inside the home by family members on Thursday after they had grown worried that she had failed to show up at work and was not answering any of their phone calls.

Souza is being held without bail per a request that was filed by the Pimento Bueno’s district attorney’s office.

SOURCE: Daily Mail – Adry Torres