Lara Logan Ditches Twitter and Facebook Citing Disturbing Big Tech Trends: Says She is ‘Not a Fan of Tyranny’

Awarding-winning journalist Lara Logan has announced she’s leaving the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram saying they censor free speech while profiting from disturbing posts.

One of her primary complaints is that those platforms get rich by taking advantage of the vulnerable. “I am leaving Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I cannot in good conscience contribute to platforms who glorify & enrich themselves at the expense of children who they knowingly exploit,” she wrote in a tweet on Feb. 3. “Discovering recently that animals are sexually abused/exploited along with children was a shock.”

“I had no idea such a depraved ideology was being pushed on this scale or the insidious ways the worst of humanity is normalized, promoted & quietly glorified by the same platforms who censor free speech from truckers, doctors, naturalists, vaccine injured & so on. It’s wrong,” Logan continued in a separate tweet.

Logan also added another tweet that linked to a video highlighting the downfall of YouTuber Shane Dawson, whose content reportedly contained controversial material on racism and pedophilia. YouTube eventually suspended monetization on all three of Dawson’s channels in 2020 following a public backlash over his past controversial comments.

“Watch this for some insight into how many are complicit/profiting,” Logan wrote.

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Source: CBN