PODCAST: Major winter storm leaves more than 350,000 without power (UCNN 02.05.22)

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According to NPR, More than 350,000 people across the nation are without power as the Northeast is getting hit for the second weekend in a row as a major winter storm makes its way toward eastward. Due to an expected flash freeze across parts of New England, Boston and other cities in the region are warning residents to expect icy roadways and to drive slowly if travel is a necessity. In New York, a primarily light rainfall is continuing to travel across the state but is expected to begin to clear up tonight, according to the National Weather Service. However, meteorologists warn that as temperatures continue to plummet into the evening, residents should still be on the lookout for ice. Parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania will see snowfall taper off into the evening, but frigid temperatures are expected to persist through the night, according to NWS Cleveland. Texas, too, will see freezing temperatures overnight, despite some areas having warmed up earlier in the day, NWS Fort Worth said. A hard freeze warning is in effect in numerous cities in the state until Saturday morning, a recent Weather.gov update stated. The Weather Service is anticipating record lows in some parts of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, according to a Friday afternoon update. But the storm is forecast to begin moving out off the New England coast tonight. Cold temperatures and blistering winds are expected to persist in much of the Midwest and along the East Coast through the weekend. More than 3,500 flights into, out of and within the U.S. have been canceled on Friday and another 3,000 delayed, according to travel tracking site Flight Aware, and more than 600 have been canceled for Saturday.

According to ABC News, It has been nearly two years since Patricia Dowd, a 57-year-old San Jose resident, died of the coronavirus, in early February 2020. Although the virus would soon change the global landscape, upending our world, at the time, most Americans were still unaware of the mysterious disease spreading across Wuhan, China. It would ultimately take more than two months for Dowd’s death to be determined as COVID-19-related – the first known American fatality, in what would soon become hundreds of thousands of more people succumbing from the infection. Since Dowd’s death, more than 900,000 other Americans have perished from the virus, according to newly updated data on Friday from Johns Hopkins University. “This new horrific milestone suggests our march to the unthinkable million mark is all but certain,” said John Brownstein, Ph.D., an epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and an ABC News contributor. Although the nation is not losing as many Americans as it did last winter, the U.S. is still reporting more than 2,300 new COVID-19-related deaths each day, marking the highest daily death average in nearly a year. Many experts believe that the current COVID-19 death count could already be greatly undercounted, due to inconsistent reporting by states and localities, and the exclusion of excess deaths, a measure of how many lives have been lost beyond what would be expected if the pandemic had not occurred. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, since Feb. 1, 2020, there have been more than 1 million excess deaths.

According to the Associated Press, China, which used its first Olympics to amplify its international aspirations, invited the world back Friday — sort of — for the pandemic era’s second Games, this time as an emboldened and more powerful nation whose government’s authoritarian turn provoked some countries’ leaders into staying home. Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the Games open during a ceremony heavy on ice-blue tones and winter imagery, held in the same lattice-encased Bird’s Nest stadium that hosted the inaugural event of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Athletes Zhao Jiawen and Dinigeer Yilamujiang, a member of the country’s Uyghur Muslim minority, delivered the final Olympic flame. The choice of Yilamujiang was steeped in symbolism: Critics say the Beijing government has abused and oppressed Uyghurs on a massive scale. With the flame lit, Beijing became the first city to host both winter and summer Games. And while some are staying away from the second pandemic Olympics in six months, many other world leaders attended the opening ceremony. Most notable: Russian President Vladimir Putin, who met privately with Xi earlier in the day as a dangerous standoff unfolded at Russia’s border with Ukraine. International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach addressed assembled athletes: “Dear fellow Olympians: Your Olympic stage is set.” The pandemic also weighs heavily on this year’s Games, just as it did last summer in Tokyo. More than two years after the first COVID-19 cases were identified in China’s Hubei province, some 700 miles south of Beijing, nearly 6 million human beings have died and hundreds of millions more around the world have been sickened.

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