Judge in Georgia Black Man’s Stand Your Ground Case Removed for ‘Appearance of Bias or Prejudice’

Marc Wilson | Source: GoFundMe / Francys Johnson

William Marcus “Marc” Wilson finally caught a break in his case. For months Wilson’s attorneys have been trying to get a new judge assigned to the case, alleging issues with bias and prejudice. A decision early Friday afternoon requires the judge overseeing the case to recuse himself.

Senior Judge Michael L. Karpf issued a seven-page order for Wilson’s case to be rescheduled according to the usual procedures of the local court. While Karpf’s ruling did not make a finding of bias or inappropriate conduct on behalf of Judge Michael T. Muldrew, he found that there could be an appearance of bias against Wilson or his attorneys.

“While the court does not ascribe actual bias or prejudice by the trial judge against defendant or his counsel, the series of events outlined above do create such an appearance,” wrote Karpf.  

The senior judge recounted the incident that gave rise to the request for recusal. He noted the prosecutor handed a notebook with evidence to Muldrew that had never been given to the defense team during the discovery process. The notebook was handed back to the defense by mistake prompting attorney Francys Johnson to request the clerk take possession of the notebook to “preserve a chain of custody.”  

Johnson was found in contempt and detained. During a conversation with Johnson’s co-counsel, both Black attorneys, Muldrew claimed that he had several lawyers express “concern about the quality of representation afforded to defendant.”

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SOURCE: NewsOne, Anoa Changa