Why Mark Schlissel was Removed as President of the University of Michigan

Effective immediately, the president of University of Michigan, Mark Schlissel, has been removed from his post. His removal came about because of an alleged “inappropriate relationship with a university employee,” the school announced on its website.

Members of the University of Michigan Board of Regents learned about the relationship from an anonymous complaint. Investigation revealed that “over the years,” Schlissel used his university email account to “communicate with that subordinate in a manner inconsistent with the dignity and reputation of the university.”

In a letter to Schlissel, the board wrote, “An investigation has revealed that your interactions with the subordinate were inconsistent with promoting the dignity and reputation of the University of Michigan.”

The Associated Press sought for more detail into the allegations but did not receive an answer from Schlissel.

The letter from the board dated Saturday included excerpts of emails exchanged between Schlissel and the employee.