President Biden Battles Accusations of “Weakness” Against US Rivals — Daniel Whyte III, President of Gospel Light Society International, Tells President Biden, Do Not Let Those Accusations of “Weakness” Push You to Overcompensate in an Attempt to Appear Strong and Drive Us Into a War That We Will Not Win Because God Is Not With You and God Is Not With America Because of Our Abominations and Sins. President Biden, You Must Understand That Most Nations of the World Look Down Upon America Now, Including Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea Because the Protestant, Evangelical, and Catholic Church Along With the Government in America and Even the Supreme Court Has Foolishly Sanctioned the Abomination, Sin, and Unnatural Evil of Homosexuality, and Until You Gain the Testicular Fortitude to Use the Bully Pulpit of the Presidency, as I Told President Trump to Do as Well, to Stop This Homosexual Transgender Madness That Has Destroyed America as We Know It, You Would Be Wise Not to Get Into Any Kind of War With Any of the Countries I Named, Because if You Do They Already Have Plans to Come After America With a Vengeance and Things Will Unravel Worse Than What They Are. Rest Assured Mr. President, Truly Saved and Born Again Christians, the Remnant, the 7000, and the Faithful Few Are Praying for You.

President Biden and the White House Are Trying to Prepare America to Live With What the Bible Calls a “Plague of Long Continuance” — the Coronavirus Plague. Daniel Whyte III, Who Called This a Plague From the Beginning of It, Says the Government and Medical Establishment Do Not Want to Call It a Plague Because It Would Frighten the People More and They Would Have to Recognize That It Is of God and Obviously It Is a Punishment of God Against the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, the Evangelical Church, and the Government of America and the Governments of the World That Have Sanctioned the Abomination of Homosexuality That Has Wreaked Havoc in America and the World, in Addition to the Punishment for It That We Are Suffering