Jennifer Braceras Says Women’s Sport Cannot be Decided by TESTOSTERONE LEVELS; the Only Fair Competition is Between BIOLOGICAL WOMEN and Other BIOLOGICAL WOMEN

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, center, begins her leg of the hundred yard freestyle medley, during a meet with Harvard on Saturday, Jan. 22, 2022, at at Harvard University

USA Swimming’s new policy to accommodate transgender athletes discriminates against women.

Last month, faced with growing controversy over transgender athlete Lia Thomas’s utter domination of women’s collegiate swimming competitions, the NCAA threw up its hands.

The NCAA Board of Governors voted for a sport-by-sport approach to addressing the issue.

They empowered the governing bodies of each sport to set eligibility for women’s competitions based on sport-specific testosterone requirements.

Unfortunately, USA Swimming’s attempt to strike a compromise that would accommodate some transgender athletes while also preserving fair competition for women is a complete failure.

The insistence by the NCAA and USA Swimming that there is a way to create fair competition between post-pubescent males and females denies science.

And the end product is a policy that favors inclusion of transgender athletes at the expense of women.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jennifer Braceras
Jennifer C. Braceras is director of Independent Women’s Law Center and lead author of ‘Competition: Title IX, Male-Bodied Athletes, and the Threat to Women’s Sports.’