There’s a Devil Loose Even at the Church: Father Shoots Dead His Three Children Inside a Sacramento Church and Kills a Fourth Person and Turns the Gun on Himself During So-called Supervised Visit: Children’s Mother Had a Restraining Order Against Him. All 3 Children Were Under the Age of 15 – Daniel Whyte III Says This Is One of the Main Problems With Divorce and Something Has to Change Because This Evil and Foolishness Is Happening Every Day Across America. It Is One Thing for Two Adults to Separate and Divorce Which Is Tragic in Itself, but When You Start Messing With Their Heart, Which Is Their Children, Bad Things Are Going to Happen. My Suggestion Is There Should Not Be This Back-and-forth With the Children. Another Awful Pain and Punishment for Divorce Should Be to Allow the Children to Choose Which Parent They Want to Stay With and the Other Parent Cannot See the Children or Pick Up the Children. You Are Tearing Out the Children’s Heart When You Do That. This Is a Shame Before God Almighty. Life Would Be Better for Everybody if Parents Would Stop Being Selfish and Do What Is Right by God and What Is Right by the Children. But if for Some Demonic Reason You Can’t Stay Together, Use the Wisdom of Solomon and Put the Children With the Parent They Want to Be With if They Are of Age and Then Separate Completely Where Your Paths Don’t Cross Again, and the Parent Who Is Willing to Give Up the Children, Even to an Inferior Parent, Is Probably the Parent Who Should Have the Children.